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Simple Ways To Add Style To Your Wedding Marquee

Simple Ways To Add Style To Your Wedding Marquee | Bespoke Event Hire

Simple Ways To Add Style To Your Wedding Marquee

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When you hire a marquee for a wedding, it typically arrives at the venue plain and devoid of style.

With that said, it is not very difficult to make a few tweaks and add some much-needed style.

Following is a few simple ideas you should keep in mind while trying to create the perfect look for the big day.

1. Create A Grand Entrance

You want people who arrive at your wedding to feel like they are invited to a special place by an old friend.

This means that you need to make them feel welcome the minute they arrive. Try adding a nice carpet, soft lighting and flowers near the entrance.

This will set the tone of the day and make everyone feel relaxed and in the mood to celebrate this joyous event with you.

2. Become One With Nature

Instead of using traditional poles to hold up the marquee, you should look into getting some birch sticks.

These will provide some much-needed structure and stability while offering you the opportunity to show off your outdoorsy side.

This is a particularly great idea if you or your spouse want to create a more natural feel.

3. Add Balloons

This is not in reference to those colourful gaudy things that tend to make an entrance at children's parties.

There are actually companies that offer elegant options for those who want to add style to their events.

Try getting in touch with a company that offers bespoke balloons. This will give you the chance to liven up the area while giving it your own personal touch.

This is important when you are trying to create an event that people will remember for many years to come.

4. Consider Different Flooring Options

While it may seem classic and romantic to get married while walking across the grass, this is not always a practical option.

There are some shoes, namely heels, that can cause a serious problem when being used on soft earth.

There are many companies who offer flooring for an additional change when hiring a marquee.

You should look into this if you want to make the space more practical and usable.

5. Install Lights

The marquee you select may already have lights, but this should not stop you from adding more if you feel it is necessary.

The right lighting can change the entire mood of the event, so get creative.

For instance, if you want to feel like you are in an enchanted kingdom, soft, twinkling lights would be a great addition.

Make sure that you do not add too many different types of lights at once since it can make things look jumbled and impact the ambience.

6. Designate Different Areas

This is a blank canvas and it is a good idea to add items that will show a division between certain areas.

For instance, flower pots can be placed strategically so it is clear that one place is considered different from another.

Another way to let everyone know where everything is would be to create personalised signs.

Give them a special touch by adding colours that are complementary to your wedding hues and themes.

Once you hire a marquee in preparation for a wedding, it is your responsibility to take extra steps to make it your own.

This is going to be a huge part of your event, so make sure that it stands out, in a good way.

Try one or more of these ideas if you are trying to add style and create something that will be adored by all of your friends and loved ones.

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