What Are The Different Types Of Event Lighting?

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January 17, 2020
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Event planning has become part and parcel of business in this day and age. In fact, big, medium, and even small companies plan events when launching their products, services, or for many other reasons.

These companies spend enormous amounts of money on planning such events in order  to make sure that the event goes well for everyone in attendance . No one likes to receive a bad review .

In fact, a bad review of the event can potentially impact your company’s reputation  and even your profits in the long run. That is why you should be extremely cautious when planning an event on behalf of your company.

There are many things to consider when planning an event . Lighting plays a very big part in just about any event  as this really influences the mood and atmosphere of the room. Choosing the right type of lighting is very important in this regard.

That is where a reputable lighting hire company in Australia comes into play. This article provides information on the different types of event lighting that are available and the importance of choosing professional lighting hire for the event.

Event lighting is very important to ensure the success of your special event. Different colours and modes of light are capable of influencing the guests who attend the event. Cool colours such as blue and green can make your guests feel relaxed and peaceful while warmer colours such as orange and red will make guests feel more active and excitable. On the other hand, dimmed lighting during dinner will help your guests relax and unwind by creating a cosy environment.

That is why event lighting shouldn’t be taken for granted  when planning your event. Hiring the right type of lighting is important to make the event a resounding success and improve the bottom line of your company over time.

Types Of Lighting For Events


A gobo is a stencil that is placed over a light source. As the light passes through the stencil or gobo, the image gets projected onto whatever the light is focused on. Gobos can create a large variety of images.

That is why this lighting system is quite popular in a majority of events planned these days. Projecting the company’s logo or product images are some of the better ways to use gobo lighting for your event.


The lights are placed on the ground and then aimed upwards in order to project the light onto the wall or a specific object. This type of lighting is commonly used to highlight the speaker during a presentation, decorations in the room, or any other appropriate elements.

On the other hand, up lighting will help create an aura of colours over the event area even if nothing is specifically highlighted. You should consider using this type of lighting in case you are hosting a product launch or a similar type of event.


There are many extra lighting options available for outdoor events. Paper lanterns are some of the more popular outdoor lighting options for an outdoor event. This  will create a dream-like aura while maintaining a fun mood during the event.

On the other hand, string lights are ideal to draft a canopy over the dining area of your event. Candle-lined pathways are also a great addition to your outdoor event. These are some of the most popular lighting options that you need to consider when planning your outdoor event.


When the light is focused on a specific person or object, it is known as spot lighting. Although this system is quite similar to up lighting, the only difference is spot lighting doesn’t come from below similar to up lighting.

These lights are commonly used to highlight speakers, presenters, and objects on a stage. If you plan to have presentations or speakers on stage during your event, make sure you take advantage of this type of lighting.

The Best Type Of Lighting For Your Event

The type of lighting you choose will depend on the type of event you plan to host. Do you want to show off something, excite your guests, or de-emphasise something else, then you need to make sure you  choose the right type of lighting for your event. That is where a professional lighting hire in Australia becomes important.

A professional will recommend the best type of lighting to suit your special event. They have the knowledge, experience, and credentials to help you to select  the right type of lighting for the event.

Why Choose Bespoke Event Hire In Australia?

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