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The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Lighting In 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Lighting In 2019 | Bespoke Event Hire

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Lighting In 2019

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When it comes to wedding lighting, where does a bride begin? Lighting is one of the most underrated items but can affect a wedding tremendously. 

It not only sets the overall mood of the event but also illuminates all the tiny details that make it so beautiful. It also ensures that the photos are perfect. 

Without sufficient lighting, all of these things aren’t possible. It is for these reasons that the below guide will help any bride go through the process smoothly.

Incorporating the following ideas into your décor will ensure your wedding is a roaring success.


Nothing screams classy more than chandeliers. They can be used to illuminate specific areas of the wedding by creating a stylish effect with a hint of drama in it. 

If one has indoor ceiling decor, chandeliers can come in handy. They can also be used for outdoor parties by hanging them on trees, for example. 

The good thing about them is that they come in all sizes and shapes; hence, they can fit into any style that one has for the wedding. 

The crystal chandelier is the most popular choice that people go for due to its supreme elegance and classy allure. 

However, there are many types in the market, so you can afford to be adventurous and try them out.

String Lights

Imagine being in an open-air French Bistro, enjoying the warm and cosy feel. 

That is the atmosphere that string lights create for any event, with their soft and dim light. 

Having them for an outdoor reception will produce the same ambience for the guests, creating a magical environment. 

They look best when hanging on the trees, creating a fairytale glow. They are mainly used for outdoor events but can be extremely versatile. 

They can also be placed indoors, on the walls or even hanging down the ceiling.

Floating Light Balls

If the reception will be held at a venue that has an outdoor pool, then floating light balls will be perfect. They tend to be very light and float gently on the pool water. 

The fantastic fact about them is that they change colour and create an amazing visual effect that the wedding guests will be awed by.

Light Up Letters

A wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life. Why not go overboard and enjoy it to the fullest? This is what light up letters will do. 

They are huge and can be both beautiful and funny at the same time. They usually are placed at certain spots of the venue to sparkle them up. 

They can be anything, from the couple’s initials to anything that they think represents them as a couple. 

It is one of the fun ways of lighting the venue while still having a good time. One should let go and let their imaginations go wild.

Use Led Inspired Designs

One can use LED designs to bring a creative twist to the wedding venue.

An example of this is to use LED lanterns on the floor to light up the critical areas of the place, such as the dance floor. 

One can also use LED balloons on the dance floor ceiling to add life to the party. 

LED strips can also be used to decorate the tree branches and other areas of the venue in order to highlight them.

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When it comes to choosing the appropriate lighting for a wedding, you should consider the time of the day when the celebrations will happen and also the season. 

This will play a significant role in knowing what will work and what will not. 

With the above ideas, the bride should not feel overwhelmed by the planning involved in her special day.

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