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How Important Is Good Lighting At My Party

How Important Is Good Lighting At My Party | Bespoke Event Hire

How Important Is Good Lighting At My Party


Are you planning a bar mitzvah, a sweet 16, a birthday party, a wedding reception or a corporate event? You might be wondering what role the lighting plays in the event.

Good lighting can either make or break your party and you need to know how to do it right for the best results.

How Important Is Good Lighting For Your Party?

1- It’s a good way to entertain and mesmerise your guests at the party.

Boring and dull lights will make your guests bored but if there are a few lighting effects, they are bound to remain lively throughout the party.

2- The type of lighting you choose will determine the mood, the tone and the ambience of the entire party.

Basically, your guests will know what type of party they are attending depending on the type of lighting options available.

For instance, if you are having a corporate party, the lighting should set the right mood, whether it’s elegance or whimsical.

3- It will warm up the atmosphere of the whole party and give your guests something memorable to talk about during the party and after it’s ended.

4- Quality lighting also allows you to document the party properly.

If you are taking photos and videos at the party, your guests will thank you for having good lighting because they will show up looking good.

What To Consider When Looking For The Right Lighting Options For Your Party

If you want to pull off great lighting at your party, here are some of the tips you need to consider.

1. Turn off all the lights. Note that, over-lighting is one of the common mistakes people make.

Therefore, you can turn off the lights and try to make use of whatever natural light is available before adding extra lighting as required.

In some cases, the moonlight might just work with a few lighting fixtures.

2. Next, you can add diffused light but at eye level. Here, you can try out lamps with shades.

If possible, stay away from bright overhead lighting. You can also use the soft light from a chandelier or pendant shade.

Leave the harsher recessed lights off, if you have more than one switch.

3. Take advantage of a live flame at your party if you can.

Whether it’s a tiki torch, a votive candle or a fully lit fireplace, it will bring about symbolic energy to your party.

A single live flame will create the magic you need in your party.

4. Try out a few unexpected light sources for a great look. Basically, you need to become a little creative.

For instance, you can string Christmas lights across a blank wall or plug in an artwork that lights up for the best look.

5. If your event is happening during the day but might spill over into the night, you need to plan ahead for the lighting.

You should have string lights or candles in place for when it gets dark.

Having great lighting at your party will determine whether or not your guests have a good time. With these tips, you can choose the right lighting effortlessly.

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