8 Popular Event Seating Arrangements

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January 17, 2020
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January 17, 2020

Choosing the right seating arrangement for your event is critical for the type of event that you are hosting.

For example, a banquet style setting that is commonly used for a wedding would not be conducive to a conference or training program.

With so many different types of events out there, trying to come up with the right seating arrangement can be a challenge.

With this in mind, we have come up with 8 of the most popular seating arrangements that may be suitable for your event.

Theatre Or Auditorium

This type of arrangement provides seating in rows that all face the same direction in order to provide an optimal view of a platform or stage.

No provision is made for eating or note taking with this set-up and it is ideally suited to performances, shows or product launch.

Classroom Setting

The classroom arrangement provides seating in rows, facing the front of a room and provides a table for note taking or writing.

The setting is perfect for training, lectures or other events where participants or the audience are required to take notes.

The Banquet Arrangement

banquet setting.jpg

This is an arrangement of tables (normally circular) with seats placed around (or 3/4’s around) the outer edge with a focal point in mind but not necessarily facing that focal point.

This setting is designed with eating and socialising in mind where food is served to those attending the event.

However, it can also be used in events that are catering buffet style.

A banquet set-up is commonly used at weddings or other types of celebrations, gala dinners or fund-raising events.

Cocktail Lounge

rustic wine barrel.jpg

This type of arrangement consists of high tables to hold drinks and finger foods and is normally for standing only. However, occasionally, there may be bar stools used.

The setting is ideal as a reception for a show, presentation or theatre set-up being held in another room.

It encourages guests to mingle and is therefore also perfect for a mixer or office party.

Horseshoe Setting

Desks or tables are placed in a u-shape with chairs surrounding the outside of the table facing a viewing screen or stage allowing those seated to take notes, eat or drink.

The setting is more suited to presentations or business meetings allowing participants to interact with one another across the u-shape while having an optimal view of the focal point like a viewing screen, speaker or lecturer.

The Hollow Square

Desks or tables are arranged in a square with a hollow centre with chairs surrounding the outside of the square.

This is ideal for meetings or conferences where participants are required to interact with one another. There is no focal point for the hollow square.

This set-up is also suitable for less formal events to encourage socialising or interaction.

Classic Boardroom Style

A long, rectangular or oval conference table surrounded by chairs with the focal point either being the front of the room or the head/foot of the table.

The setting encourages communication between parties while allowing for note taking and the use of laptops or other devices.

This type of arrangement is conducive to providing snacks or meals.

The Family Gathering Set-Up

One long table set-up or multiple long tables with chairs surrounding the outer edge with or without a focal point like a platform or a stage towards the front.

This is another arrangement that is commonly used for celebrations, office parties or large family gatherings.

The family setting is perfect for events where food will be served or where people can serve themselves from a buffet setting.

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Final thoughts

There are a number of other factors other than the type of event that is being held that should be taken into account when choosing the optimal seating arrangement. This includes:

  • Number of people

  • Serving of food and beverages

  • Whether note taking will be required

  • Guest, participant or attendee interaction

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