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Professional Stage Hire For Your Event

Professional Stage Hire For Your Event | Bespoke Event Hire

Professional Stage Hire For Your Event

The stage is a focal point for any event as all eyes draw towards it.

Finding the right fit and making sure it's fully customised becomes a major requirement. For those hoping to find the ideal solution, it's time to look at what it takes to maximise your stage presence. Bespoke Event Hire delivers a wide array of solutions for all types of events and does it in a cost-efficient manner.


Let there be light! The cornerstone of your stage is the lighting as this is going to set the tone for your event.

Imagine walking into a venue, taking a look at the stage, and not being able to see anything. This almost defeats the purpose of having a stage in the first place. It’s important to make sure the lighting is right from all angles.

This means the viewing angles should be flexible, easy-going, and in line with what the event represents. Along with what the guests can see, it's also important to keep the performers in mind as well! They need to be able to see where they're going at all times and that's only possible with high-quality lighting. Focus on lighting that has a purpose to it and enjoy all that it has to offer. A professional service will take all these details into consideration and provide ideal lighting for your specific event.

Customization of the Stage

With stage hire, it's important to focus on the personalization of the stage.

It has to be designed with a purpose of the event in mind or it could turn out to be a disaster. This actually happens all too often and is not a good spot to be in as the event planner. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, please make sure you find the time to take the time to speak to a qualified professional and start customising every inch of the stage. This includes viewing angles, lighting, sound systems, and general security and safety features. All of these details need to be taken into consideration and most importantly, it should cater to the event's needs.

What may work at one wedding for example, may not work at another wedding. This is why a proven service can offer insights for your event to ensure the stage is is suitable for your particular event.


Whether it is a small event or a large one, your budget is a major consideration. This is going to guide how the event is carried out, what materials are used, and how things are customised from top to bottom. Until the budget is in place, the process will stall.

When it comes to the stage, it is best to have a good portion of your budget allocated to this part of the event. The stage is the focal point of the event will be the stage so it’s doubly important to spend a bit more money on this feature. A qualified professional can make sure all of the underlying details are handled and taken care of with regards to the stage.


The floor is often ignored with stage hires but this is also an important consideration.

If people are going to be moving around the stage then it's best to keep them safe using high-quality flooring material. This will cover the stage from end to end and ensure all performers feel secure as soon as they stand on it.

In some cases, a slip-resistant dance floor is going to add tremendous value to the experience and is a massive launching pad when it comes to managing the situation. It will push things down the right path and make the event a huge success.


Yes, the weather is going to be a factor and shouldn't be ignored! It's important to find a solution that's going to suit all conditions and isn't going to be affected by things like strong winds. This is one of the worst situations to deal with and it can happen with the wrong solution in place. Take the time to understand how wind or rain can impact the stage and remain proactive with the safety precautions. This is a great way to keep performers secure and ensure the stage is a safe place to be at all times.

Customising your event with the help of a world-class service can make sure everything is safe and secure.

For all your stage hire requirements, please take the time to call Bespoke Event Hire at (03) 9720 1777. This is the ultimate opportunity to find a world-class solution for all of your event planning needs!