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Tips For Hiring Wedding Furniture

Tips For Hiring Wedding Furniture | Bespoke Event Hire

Tips For Hiring Wedding Furniture

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most overwhelming things that a couple can go through, especially the bride-to-be. 

It is one of the most important days of her life; hence, she wants everything to be absolutely perfect. 

It can also be quite nerve-wracking as it is probably the first time the couple have planned such a big event. 

So, when it comes to furniture, you may ask yourself where to begin. 

It is for this reason that a checklist needs to be developed so that nothing is missed along the way. 

Understand What Will Be Needed

One of the first steps is to know what will be required on the day. 

It is advised to start noting things down early enough so that there are no chances of something being forgotten. 

It should be done around four to six months before the big day, to give you plenty of time to note everything down. 

This can be done by knowing where the venue will be, the vision for that day and also the style of the wedding. 

With all these considerations in mind, you will hopefully be able to understand the kind of furniture you will need and the numbers required.

Minimise The Number Of Wedding Furniture Suppliers

Too many cooks spoil the broth. This saying comes in handy in the wedding planning process. 

There are situations where you may not be able to find enough furniture from one vendor and will need to hire from others. 

Also, the designs you want may be different, and one supplier may not have them all. 

These issues may prompt the bride and groom to engage different vendors, but it is never a good idea to have too many of them. 

Having too many will make it more expensive for you, and also increase the coordination needed with the logistics required.

Choose The Furniture Supplier With The Highest Rate Of Return Policy

With items such as chairs and crockery, it may be hard to estimate the number needed since it always depends on the final number of guests, which may vary. 

Before booking a supplier, it is advised to negotiate with them to see what their return policy is. 

Some may offer a 10% or even 20% return when one has their final RSVP’s coming in. 

You should choose the company with the highest return policy since it will save you more money, that you can allocate somewhere else.

When On A Budget, Re-Use The Wedding Furniture

One of the most effective ways to save money on such a day is to reuse the furniture. 

No one wants to spend their life savings on a wedding; therefore, an opportunity to save some money will be welcome. 

One of the ways of doing this is by reusing the signing table as a cake table or moving chairs from the wedding to the reception. 

However, to avoid time wastage and the guests wondering what is going on, you should ensure that there are people tasked to take care of these changes, to ensure the transition is smooth.

Wedding furniture hire can be overwhelming since it is one of the most complex parts of the preparations. It needs to be done early and thoroughly. 

Without following the above points, you may end up being disappointed on your big day as everything needs to be perfect.

Ensure that the furniture supplier is someone that you can trust, and has extensive experience with regard to furniture hire. 

They should be able to deliver on their promises without fail. With all these factors considered, you can prepare for a fantastic day.

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