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Unbeatable Marquee Hire For Your Next Event

Unbeatable Marquee Hire For Your Next Event | Bespoke Event Hire

Unbeatable Marquee Hire For Your Next Event

The success of your event depends on many factors, but the one thing you cannot afford to ignore is the marquee. You might assume that getting one is easy until you are assigned the task of doing so. Hiring the right one for any event is a big deal, and simple mistakes can make the entire event a disaster.

Regardless of the kind of event you are holding, you need to ensure that you follow the right steps and look into the things that matter before settling on a marquee. When you search the internet for a marquee to hire, you will come across several options and here are some tips that can guide you when trying to select the best one:

Number of Guests.

Before you start looking for the right marquee, you need to know the number of people expected to attend the event. Keep in mind that you do not need to get an exact headcount, even just a rough estimate can give you an idea of the best marquee.

No one wants to attend an event where they are forced to squeeze into a small space. On the other hand, you shouldn’t get a marquee that is too big or it will look like not many people have turned up to your event and that will lower the vibe.

Start Early.

Some events involve a lot of activities and bookings, and it is common for one to forget about the marquee with the notion that they can easily get one when they need it. However, this is not always guaranteed as you can miss out on the right marquee during busy season where people are holding events everywhere.

Furthermore, leaving the booking to the last minute also strips you of the various options that are available to you, forcing you to settle for one that isn’t the right size or design. If you are holding your event during summer, ensure that marquee hire is on the top of your priority list, as this is a peak season for events. When booking, do not just reserve one by word of mouth as the hire company may get another customer who is willing to pay a deposit and then decide to book them instead of you. Always make sure you put down a deposit, something that most marquee hire companies will recommend. This way, you can be assured of getting your marquee of choice on the day.

Additional Features.

When looking for a marquee, you need to ensure that you fully understand the type of event you are hosting and all the equipment that will be needed to run it.

For example, the marquee you get might not be required to shelter the guests, but you may need to have shelter for food and cooks, or other equipment that needs protection from the sun or rain. It is essential to inform your marquee hire company about the nature and details of the event so that they can recommend the best marquee for you.

Some of these companies offer extra things such as seats, catering equipment and even mobile toilets. While your marquee hire company may not offer these things, they should still be able to help in advising you what to do for your event to turn out successfully.

Power Supply.

Unless you are holding a small discussion, you will need power to run your event. Events are boring without music, and good lighting is also another factor you need to take into consideration. If you are holding the event in your backyard, check whether it is viable to get the power supply from your house. If it is complicated, you should consider getting a power backup so that your event is not interrupted by power blackouts. An event with no lights, heat and music can be disastrous and you don’t want you party to turn out like that.


It is expected that your event is not a free-spending one therefore, you should have a particular amount allocated for marquee hire. This is important as it helps you to narrow down your options and know what to choose from right from the start rather than wasting your time and efforts browsing through a catalogue of marquees you cannot afford. Check the web and find out what are the average prices being charged for marquee hire before settling on a specific amount.

Some vital things to look at when you want to hire a marquee have been outlined in this article, and you should consider these things when looking for one for your event. This way, you will be assured of getting one that will serve its purpose well and make your event one to remember.