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6 Useful Tips For Hiring Wedding Tents

6 Useful Tips For Hiring Wedding Tents | Bespoke Event Hire

6 Useful Tips For Hiring Wedding Tents

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Planning a wedding is a serious undertaking, especially when it comes to arranging all of the furniture and accessories. 

If you plan to have a ceremony outdoors beneath a tent, buying one is not practical and also very costly, especially if you are only planning to use it once.

Therefore, hiring one would be a much better decision. 

Before you start making calls and trying to hire the first tent you come across, make sure that you keep all of the following information in mind.

1. Determine If A Tent Is Necessary

If you plan to get married in a place that is notorious for unpredictable weather, a tent would obviously be useful. 

They are also ideal when the weather calls for a large amount of sun since they can provide much-needed shade. 

Those who are in areas where the weather is milder may not need a tent at all. 

Make sure that you are clear whether or not this is a need before moving forward and adding this to a long list of wedding expenses.

2. Decide What Type Of Tent You Want


There are many different tents available and it is up to you to decide which is best for your particular needs and preferences. 

The two main types are frame tents and pole tents, with both coming in different sizes and colours. 

Try to find one that fits the overall theme you have selected for the ceremony. 

You do not want to choose one simply because it is available and it clashes with all of the decors.

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3. Check The Rules At Your Preferred Venue

Depending on where you plan to have your ceremony, you may not be able to hire a tent at all. 

If the place you had in mind does not allow tents, you will have to determine whether to choose another venue that does or make do without one. 

Also, there may be some guidelines you need to follow in order to avoid placing stakes in the wrong place or other breaking other rules you may not be aware of. 

4. Finding A Vendor

This is probably one of the most important parts of the process, so make sure that you give this some careful thought and consideration.

One common mistake is choosing a vendor based on price alone; this can lead to buyer's remorse more often than not. 

Things you should look for in a vendor include:

  • Reliability

  • Wide selection

  • Solid reputation

  • Extras that may be available

  • Active license and insurance

There are other points to consider, but these are the most important. As long as these are favourable, you should keep this vendor on your consideration list.

5. Get A Written Agreement

You should never work with a vendor without getting everything agreed upon in writing. This will be very useful in case there is some kind of dispute later. 

Everything should be itemised so you know exactly what you are paying for. 

Stay away from companies that demand fees in exchange for checking out your chosen venue and offering quotes. 

Most reputable companies are willing to do this at no cost or they will refund the fee if you decide to do business with them.

6. Review All Of The Information You Have Gathered Carefully

Once you have done your homework on several vendors and gathered quotes, it will be time for you to decide who to do business with. 

This has to be carefully thought out since as this is an integral part of such an important day. 

The key is to select a company that has the best balance of quality and cost. This may sound like quite a bit to deal with, but being diligent is imperative. 

Making the wrong choice means that your big day may be memorable for all of the wrong reasons.