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What Is Better For My Event - Stretch Tents or A Marquee?

What Is Better For My Event - Stretch Tents or A Marquee? | Bespoke Event Hire

What Is Better For My Event - Stretch Tents or A Marquee?


Are you planning to host a special event or corporate function? If so, a marquee hire plays a big part in making the event a huge success.

Many organisers are confused as to which type of tent they need to choose for an event - should it be a marquee or a stretch tent?

This article will help you decide what is the better option. A marquee or a stretch tent.

What's The Difference Between A Marquee and Stretch Tent?

Although stretch tents and marquees are used for the same purpose, they are quite different in appearance.

Stretch tents are the modern versions of marquees. Stretch tents don't need much effort to bring them to life.

Great lighting can do the trick for your event. A marquee is a traditional type of tent that is quite popular to use.

Most Australian events use marquees to accommodate guests. Hiring a marquee from a reputable supplier like Bespoke Event Hire can do wonders for your event.

How Do The Costs Compare?

Stretch tents are more expensive since they come ready assembled and don't require any enhancements before becoming party-ready.

Marquees, on the other hand, need some dressing up before they become ready to use.

They are affordable and widely used in Australia for this exact reason.

Stretch tents cost significantly more than marquees because they are made from a thick material compared to marquees.

What’s Best For My Event?

A single stretch tent can be rigged in a variety of configurations compared to a marquee.

Choosing the right tent - whether a stretch tent or marquee - will most probably depend on the type and size of your event.

The atmosphere outside will also play a big part in choosing the right kind of tent for the event.

Marquees are fully-covered structures while stretch tents are open.

You are the best person to decide on the best type of tent for the event depending on the ground conditions.

Modern marquees are ideal for less stuffy and less noisy venues in warm weather conditions.

They are easier to transport compared to traditional marquees that aren’t stuffy and heavy.

Storing and transporting a traditional marquee is more difficult than transporting a modern one.

That's why you need to look for a supplier who offers the latest marquees for events.

With so many event suppliers in Australia, choosing a reliable supplier isn't an easy task.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right supplier to hire a marquee for your event.

Marquee hire should be done with the utmost care. The wrong supplier can ruin the entire event and waste your money in the process.

Your research becomes so important when looking for a reliable marquee hire company in Australia.

Bespoke Event Hire is able to take care of all facets of your event from hiring the marquees and lighting through to the furniture and tableware.

We are one of the most respected and trusted event planning services operating in Melbourne.

If you are looking to hire a marquee or tent for your next important event, then look no further than Bespoke Event Hire.

We are a professional event hire company that can help make your event a memorable one.

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