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What Furniture Should I Hire For My Party?

What Furniture Should I Hire For My Party? | Bespoke Event Hire

What Furniture Should I Hire For My Party?


Choosing the right type of furniture for your event is no easy task. The type of furniture you choose could also determine whether it will be enjoyable for your guests or not. No pressure!

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, a birthday party or anything in between, you need to choose the right furniture!

Following are a few things you should consider when looking for the right furniture to hire for your event.

1. Comfort

Your guests need to be comfortable.

You need to consider how long your guests will be seated and what type of furniture they will need when at the event.

For instance, if it’s a corporate event with speeches, your guests need to be more comfortable.

If it is a seminar, make sure there are comfortable seats to allow your guests to learn and pay attention rather than thinking about lunch, moving and how uncomfortable they are.

2. The Event Venue

Is the event going to be held in a very busy area that will accommodate a lot of guests in a small space?

What is the decor and overall colour theme of the event venue? You need to consider the event venue when looking at furniture hire for your party.

Make sure the type of furniture you are looking to get, can fit in the space and can accommodate all the available guests effortlessly.

If your event is a wedding, you can always choose furniture that blends in perfectly with the overall theme and colour of the wedding.

3. Type Of Event

Are you having a birthday party or a wedding? Are you hosting a corporate event or a function?

The type of event you are planning will also have a bearing on the type of furniture you will hire.

For instance, if it is a corporate event, you need to hire corporate furniture that is low key and blends in nicely.

If it’s a wedding or a birthday party, you can opt for more fun and casual style of furniture.

The type of seating you choose should fit the type of event you are having.

4. Budget

How much money do you have in your budget for renting furniture for the event? Does the venue provide furniture or do you have to bring in everything?

Do you need to revamp the furniture available at the venue to make it appear more presentable to your guests?

All these things can dig into your budget. Therefore, you need to consider everything before looking for a furniture rental place for your party furniture.

5. Looking At Furniture Rental Options

Now that you have decided the type of furniture you need for your event, the next step is looking at the available rental options.

You can search online to find party furniture rental places near you. However, you need to do your research to avoid disappointment.

Make sure the furniture event hire company is reputable, cost effective and listens to your concerns.

Additionally, they should have high quality furniture for your event as well as a diverse range of furniture types to make your choice easier.

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